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Learn essential skills for communication, writing, and workplace productivity. Empower your workforce with the management and collaboration tools necessary for organizational success. During COVID-19, we are also offering custom training programs to help employees work effectively, manage stress, and prioritize tasks while working remotely.

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Our Soft Skills & Employee Productivity Training are rated 4.7 stars by 911 students

in the past 24 months

Effective Business Writing was a great interactive course. Extremely informative.

It's fun and interactive, not boring.

Excellent! Worth every minute for people who want to improve their writing skills.

The instructor was fabulous and they provide you with the materials to learn. Feel very fortunate I was able to take these courses!

I highly recommend Career Centers' courses for all ages!

I highly recommend this Grammar Essentials class to anyone; you can always learn something new. It's amazing to observe how grammar has evolved over time compared to how it is viewed today.

Would recommend to anyone who spends time writing either email or letters


Grace is a nice, patient instructor for Grammar Essentials and I really enjoy taking courses at Career Centers.


I'd recommend Effective Business Writing to just about anyone as the content is so rich and valuable, especially in today's fast paced and increasingly informal communication landscape. Grace is a wonderfully outgoing, thorough, and engaging instructor.

Liquidnet Holdings, Inc.

As a vice president, I lead a team of individuals that are tasked with writing on so many levels. This will be a mandatory for future team onboarding. As a professional I will apply the learning in future presentations and communications. Time and money well spent, highly encouraged for all leadership levels and industries.

Soho Experiential

There are times when we feel as if age matters with Career Centers many are given the chance to gain experience they once thought were unachievable. Never give up on your education there are many resources available.

Michael was extremely knowledgeable and was able to explain the material in a way that everyone understood.

NYU Langone Hospital--Long Island

I really enjoyed this class and got a lot out of it.

NYU Lanagone L.I.

Upcoming Soft Skills Classes in NYC

All times are listed in Eastern Time unless otherwise specified.

June 2024
June 20
Thursday 10–5pm
6 Hours
NYC or Live Online

In this introductory course, you will learn the strategies, methods, and terminology most commonly used in project management. You’ll develop a practical understanding of the five stages of project management: Initiation, Planning, Execution, Monitoring, and Closing with a focus on the first two (Initiation & Planning).

June 21
Friday 10–5pm
6 Hours
NYC or Live Online

Building on the foundation of Project Management Level 1, you’ll focus on the last three stages of project management: Execution, Monitoring, and Closing. Learn to manage resources, risks, and get introduced to Agile Project Management Frameworks like Scrum and Kanban.

July 2024
July 9
Tuesday 10–5pm
6 Hours
NYC or Live Online

Gain mastery over grammar. Learn how to avoid common mistakes and misspelled words that reflect poorly on your message. By the end of this course, you'll know essential grammar rules to improve your writing and have the skills to edit your own work to completely eliminate mistakes.

July 9–11
Weekdays 10–5pm
18 Hours
NYC or Live Online

This program includes our Grammar Essentials, Effective Business Writing, and Advanced Business Writing courses at a 20% discount. You'll learn practical strategies to sharpen your writing skills from idea to final draft, review essential grammar rules, and prepare complex multi-page business documents.

July 10
Wednesday 10–5pm
6 Hours
NYC or Live Online

Learn how to write effective emails, persuasive memos, and proposals that generate new business.  After taking this course, you'll be able to write clear sentences, organize your ideas, and write a variety of business documents for different audiences.

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