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Microsoft Excel PowerPivot - Private Training
Microsoft Excel PowerPivot - Private Training

Price: $375.00

Course Code: VT | Hours: 3

Microsoft Excel PowerPivot Training Overview

Microsoft Excel PowerPivot Course Outline

You will make use of the PowerPivot add-in to import data from various sources and create a dynamic report.

This course is for students with a sound working knowledge of Microsoft Excel and general computing proficiency, including those who will be using Excel to make business decisions.

What You'll Learn in this Class:

  • become familiar with the PowerPivot application and import data.
  • manipulate data in a PowerPivot worksheet.
  • create reports using PowerPivot data.
  • use DAX functions in PowerPivot.
  • distribute PowerPivot Data.


Students should have a basic understanding of Microsoft Excel

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Microsoft Excel Training Outline - PowerPivot

PowerPivot Overview

• Why PowerPivot?
• Benefits of PowerPivot
• Installing PowerPivot
• Overview of PowerPivot Ribbon

Working with different data sources

Importing Data

Creating Relationships

Linking Tables

Calculated Columns

Difference between Excel's Compact Pivot Tables and Power Pivot's Flat File Tables

Using Slicers

Creating 4 or more related pivot tables

Available functions and their power

Advanced Filtering

Asymmetrical Reports

Other PowerPivot capabilities