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Best Excel Classes in Detroit

Over the years, Microsoft Excel has transformed the spreadsheet market by providing a fast-paced and effective platform on which accountants and others can work. It has become the most dominant spreadsheet software on the market and is used by a majority of businesses that need data management help, including companies in Detroit. And as the Detroit Renaissance continues, a myriad of new companies in the area may need people who’ve mastered Excel.

Thankfully, Detroit also has multiple training classes and schools that can help you master Excel. As the biggest city in Michigan, it also has a high concentration of educational facilities that can help you master this software and other important skills. If you’re interested in learning this program and think you need help, read through this article to learn more about the options available to you and to ensure you get the support that you need.

Best Excel Classes & Schools in Detroit

Over the years, Detroit has partnered with many high-quality educational facilities to provide a broad range of different training options. That’s because much of the city’s recovery in recent decades has been fueled by tech-based firms and marketers who need highly trained professionals with diverse skills. As a result, there are many fantastic Excel classes in the region that you can consider. These include in-person and virtual courses with diverse lessons.

Noble Desktop

At Noble Desktop, you can take in-person or online classes, though you can only take physical courses if you live in NYC. Thankfully, their online classes provide Detroit residents with plenty of coding, business, and tech training programs. For example, they have multiple Excel classes, including an Excel Bootcamp that can take your skills to the next level. 

Available at just $549 during a four-day training period, this class teaches you about the basics of Excel, including creating, editing, and exporting spreadsheets. You’ll also learn how to make charts, master macros, and much more. The goal of this course is to give you the hands-on support that you deserve to become a pro at Excel as quickly as possible.

Career Centers

Though Career Centers operates primarily out of New York City, they also provide online training options that may appeal to you. Many people throughout the Detroit area have utilized their online courses to master Excel and other programs. For example, you can start with Beginner Microsoft Excel, a six-hour, $249 class to learn what you need to know about it. 

It also provides an 18-hour, $549 Microsoft Excel Bootcamp that can teach you about everything you need to know in Excel. It covers beginner, intermediate, and advanced lessons, including writing formulas, creating new spreadsheets, automating your tasks, and formatting your sheets. In this way, you can walk away from your class with a broader scope of knowledge.

New Horizons

If you want an in-person training option, New Horizons has an office in Livonia, not far from Detroit. Here, you can learn about various computer related skills and expand your knowledge. Note that they also have online courses if you’re too busy to visit their facility or don’t want to fight through Detroit’s busy and often confusing streets or if you just like learning at home. 

For example, Excel 2019 - Part 1 provides you with the introductory support you need to master Excel’s basic steps. You can also try Microsoft Excel for Office 365 to learn about this program in a desktop or online setting. Each class here is a few days and covers a myriad of topics to ensure that you’re ready to handle their unique needs in whatever career you pursue.

General Assembly

General Assembly is a national training team that provides in-person courses and live classes around the nation. Their Detroit facility has classes in software engineering, data science, Excel, and other topics that can help improve your career. They typically focus on accelerated learning, such as in their one-day Excel Bootcamp: Formulas & Functions course. 

You can also try their three-hour Advanced Excel Training course or their four-hour Excel Bootcamp if you want an even faster experience. General Assembly’s ability to quickly and efficiently teach its students important lessons has helped them create many new job opportunities for their clients and can help you improve your Excel skills in no time.


CourseHorse is a unique learning platform that provides you with access to multiple educational vendors. You can set up in-person or online courses through their site, including with companies like NYC Career Centers. Its $549, three-day Microsoft Excel Bootcamp immerses you in this program to help you master its unique tools and progress further in your career. 

Noble Desktop provides another class on CourseHorse, Excel Levels I: Fundamentals. In this one-day class, you’ll learn about the basic steps necessary for mastering this software. If you’re interested in furthering your knowledge, Advanced Microsoft Excel and even Excel Expert Certification are available to ensure that you get the high-quality training that you need.

Detroit Industries That Use Excel

Detroit’s continuing rebound has been an inspiration to many across the nation and has caused a large number of industries to flock to the area. In fact, this city is often considered one of the best places for tech and marketing companies to develop due to low-cost rent and properties. As a result, there are many potential markets where you could use Excel, including:

  • Accounting: Multiple accounting companies exist throughout Detroit to provide hands-on and high-quality financial support for their clients. They typically need people who understand Excel and who can use its software to balance financial data. 
  • Construction Teams: Detroit is home to many construction firms that are rebuilding the area and ensuring that it’s as strong as possible. They typically need Excel to handle things like task management, finances, and other important tasks.
  • Data Management: Any data management firm likely needs Excel to handle its many swaths of information. For example, spreadsheets can help check voter information, as well as any other vital information necessary for your business.
  • Banking and Finance: The financial market heavily uses programs like Excel to track credits and debits, as well as other finance information. Without it, tracking a company’s overall funds is much harder than it should be for you.
  • Marketing: Detroit’s many marketing teams provide a high-quality range of jobs for many people, including a unique array of interesting advertising fields. As a marketer, you’ll likely use Excel regularly to track your campaigns’ success rates. 
  • Software Development: Programmers throughout the Detroit area use Excel to gauge software updates, track their tasks, and much more. While not absolutely critical to programming, learning Excel can make your life a lot easier in this job market.
  • Retail: In Detroit’s booming shipping districts, retail managers use Excel almost daily to track employee payments, supply amounts, and inventory shipments. Learning this skill could help you advance up the job tree if you’re interested.

Excel Jobs & Salaries in Detroit

There are many different jobs in the Detroit area, many of which will need Excel skills. While Excel might not be the most in-demand ability for these positions, knowing your way around this program can help you reduce your expenses, minimize your finance tracking time, and improve your overall career. Just as importantly, you can get Excel certification from Microsoft if you get good enough and improve your career further. Just a few jobs you might get include:

  • Financial Analyst: As a financial analyst, you’ll make about $65,000 annually in Detroit and typically use Excel on a daily basis. For example, you’ll need to enter financial data in spreadsheets to track expenses and other costs to avoid overspending.
  • Logistics Specialists: Expect to earn $78,666 on average as a logistical specialist. Your job duties will include carefully planning deliveries and shipments and ensuring your clients’ needs are met. You’ll likely use Excel daily to track all of this information.
  • Accountant: Accountants make about $61,490 every year in Detroit, which is a very solid wage for Michigan. They usually need to use Excel regularly to ensure that their clients get the high-quality financial support that they need to stay solvent.
  • Marketing Professional: Marketing experts provide a variety of services that require Excel spreadsheets, including creating new advertisements for their clients and tracking how well they work. You’ll make $79,446 median in Detroit every year. 
  • Project Manager: If you’re interested in becoming a project manager, you’d make $128,527 in Detroit every year, give or take. You’d work with Excel every day to manage things like employee progress, payments, and much more. 
  • Regional Managers: Regional managers help track the needs of a company across a large area, including multiple facilities in a state. Their many duties require them to use Excel to track data: expect to earn about $78,667 every year in this job.
  • HR Specialist: When you work in human resources, you’ll likely use Excel to track things like customer complaints, client concerns, and payment details. In Detroit, many businesses need HR specialists and pay about $64,085 on average.

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