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Best Excel Classes in Connecticut

Over the years, Microsoft Excel has become the most trusted and dominant spreadsheet software in the nation and is basically the standard by which all other programs are measured. It lets you create simple spreadsheets, input formulas, calculate important information, automate your data collection, and much more. In this way, Excel mastery can help you progress to better jobs in Connecticut, including high-quality careers with surprisingly great earning potentials. 

Thankfully, Connecticut is a major educational hub in the Northeast and has many schools and classes where you can master this program. These training options include high-quality university courses, as well as certificate and certification teams that can help you master this program more efficiently. The following schools all have multiple classes where you can learn Excel and even get more hands-on training with real Excel projects. 

Best Excel Classes & Schools in Connecticut

The best classes and schools for Excel in Connecticut give you hands-on experience with this program with in-person or online training options. In-person courses let you work directly with a professor to improve your skills and minimize errors, while online classes make it easier to study wherever you want. Most of the programs listed here include an in-person option, though others let you study online, so you can even take classes that are otherwise available out of state. 

University of Connecticut

UCONN’s Connecticut Information Technology Institute provides multiple courses for a variety of different tech-related fields. For instance, its Excel - Part 1 class covers Office 365 and Office 2019 to help you master Excel and improve your skills with this program. When you first start, you’ll learn how to perform calculations, modify worksheets, formulate worksheets, print workbooks, manage workbooks, and handle even more complex Excel-related skills. 

Note that you can also take other Excel courses, such as Excel - Part 2 and Excel - Part 3 to move beyond beginner steps to more advanced knowledge. These one-day classes take place in a virtual environment, meaning you can attend anywhere you have a computer and strong internet. You can take them separate from any degree programs that you might be pursuing and get the high-quality support that you need to improve your Excel skills immeasurably. 

New Horizon 

New Horizon is a national training team with multiple facilities across the nation that can provide you with many unique opportunities. Their Hartford, Connecticut, facility can give you hands-on education in Excel in a myriad of in-person classes or online courses, if you prefer. For example, Excel 2016 - Part 1 teaches you this in-depth program and helps you master its many ins and outs to prepare you to utilize more advanced skills and experiences. 

Other courses include Microsoft Office Excel 2021 - Part 2 and Microsoft Office Excel 2021 - Part 3. These more advanced classes help you master complex skills within Excel, including task automation, data processing, chart creation, and much more. Each course provides a fast-paced environment, one with a lot of hands-on work in real Excel projects. In this way, you can master this program even more quickly and feel comfortable using it daily.

Career Centers 

Career Centers is technically a New York City training team but they provide online courses that can help you take classes wherever you want. These classes include various Microsoft Excel programs and bootcamps that can help you master this software quickly and efficiently. For example, Microsoft Excel Bootcamp is an 18-hour, $549 class that will immerse you in Excel. Over three days, you’ll master the basics of this program and progress to advanced skills.

If you don’t have 18 hours to spare, you can try Beginner Microsoft Excel instead. This six-hour, $249 class occurs over a single day and takes you from complete Excel ignorance to strong competency. It’s designed for people who have little to no experience with Excel who want to improve their abilities. You can then progress on to other classes, if you like, to improve your skills further and master Excel on a deeper and more impressive level. 


CourseHorse is a unique learning platform that connects multiple educational teams directly with clients, letting you pick and choose the classes you want. CourseHorse has many unique benefits, including no booking fees and adaptability in your class sizes. It also provides group training options for many of its programs, including Excel courses. One of its most popular options is Microsoft Excel Bootcamp by NYC Career Centers, a month-long, $549 program. 

Noble Desktop, another training team on the CourseHorse platform, also provides a beginner-friendly program called Excel Level I: Fundamentals. This one-day, $249 class immerses you in Excel skills and includes a live, virtual training platform that makes your education easier. You can also take Excel Specialist Certification Program from NYC Career Centers or Excel Specialist Certification Program from NYIM training to get your cert.

Noble Desktop

Having mentioned Noble Desktop in the section above, it’s worth mentioning that this NYC-based training team provides other Excel training options that may interest you. As one of the most trusted and effective educational teams on the market today, Noble Desktop provides diverse and effective platforms for improving your job skills and moving on to the next level.

Their Excel Bootcamp is just $549 and immerses you in four days of Excel practice. You’ll learn all about its ins and outs, including beginner-friendly skills and more advanced knowledge. As your abilities increase, you’ll get the chance to practice advanced macros and even automation. These skills should translate well into a myriad of different career markets.

Connecticut Industries That Use Excel

Connecticut has a thriving market with many unique industries that you can tap into to improve your overall career. Many of these fields utilize Excel regularly, meaning that mastering this skill will make it easier to find a job within these markets. Just a few potential industries that you might want to consider trying out in Connecticut include:

  • Accounting: No matter what your role in the accounting field, you’ll likely have to use Excel regularly. Maintaining books for a business is practically impossible without it, even if other spreadsheets (that basically operate like Excel) are available.
  • Marketing: Connecticut has a thriving marketing scene that includes many different firms and industries. You’ll probably need to understand Excel before starting any job in this market to ensure that you can track your campaigns effectively.
  • Banking Professionals: The banking and financial industry utilizes Excel and other spreadsheets everyday to keep financial information in order and to avoid mistakes. Mastering Excel will make it easier for you to transition into these fields.
  • Data Management: When you work in data management, Excel can help you keep track of information physically and ensure it is properly stored. Just as importantly, it can give you a backup catalog of data in case your digital storage fails.
  • Retail: Running stores is easy and often requires working with high-quality spreadsheet software like Excel. For example, this software can keep track of your goods and supplies and ensure that you have enough for day-to-day operation.
  • Software Development: Though Connecticut isn’t known as a programmer’s mecca, it has many development firms that may use Excel. That’s because you may need to track things like updates to your software and other significant changes.

Excel Jobs & Salaries in Connecticut

Within the job industries listed above, there are many different job opportunities that might appeal to you. Each of the jobs described in the following list will utilize Excel spreadsheets and other programs every day. Thankfully, mastering this program and learning more about these job opportunities can ensure that you transition to these careers more effectively:

  • Accountant: As an accountant in Connecticut, you’ll be tasked with tracking your clients’ finances and ensuring that they go to the right places. You’ll make about $65,790 as an accountant on the median, though you can make more in some areas.
  • Financial Analyst Professional: In the financial industry, analysts carefully check into various money concerns and make sure that cash flow makes sense. In this career, you’ll use Excel to track these problems and make, on average, $69,810 in Connecticut.
  • HR Team Member: Joining a human resources or HR team may require mastery of Excel to ensure you keep track of all of your employee and customer needs. You’ll make about $68,491 on average in Connecticut.
  • Logistics Expert: Logistics professionals work in many fields and may use Excel spreadsheets to track things like shipping times and costs. As a logistics expert, you’ll make an average of $84,120 in Connecticut.
  • Marketing Team Mate: The marketing field is big in Connecticut and you can make a median salary of $83,311 in this state as a marketing manager. Your job duties may require using Excel to track your ads and where they’re placed.
  • Project Manager: The role of project manager is in high demand just about everywhere in the nation, including in Connecticut. If you get this job, you’ll use Excel basically every day to track project updates and make an average of $137,437.
  • Regional Experts: As a regional manager, you’ll track the needs of multiple facilities throughout a specific region in Connecticut using Excel and other programs. You’ll make about $84,068 every year in this position, with a potential for more.

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