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Best Excel Classes in Tampa

Microsoft Excel is the most commonly used spreadsheet software in the world because of its unique and diverse range of services. It has been widely integrated into a variety of business types, including accounting firms, executive firms, and even schools. While basic Excel use isn’t too challenging to understand, taking high-quality classes can improve this process and ensure that you better grasp more complex and useful concepts, such as data management. 

Thankfully, Tampa is an educational mecca in Florida and has many great classes where you can master this program and improve your overall understanding of its operation. Just as importantly, you can learn other high-quality business skills that may improve your understanding of spreadsheets even further. If you’re interested in learning about Excel, here are several training options that might work well for your specific educational needs. 

Best Excel Classes & Schools in Tampa

The best Excel classes and schools in Tampa will cover a broad range of subjects and help improve your overall knowledge in this field. For example, you’ll learn the basics of Excel operation, as well as the in-depth skills necessary to upgrade your abilities. The following classes and schools include both in-person and live courses that can enhance your abilities and ensure that you feel comfortable working with this vital and important program.

New Horizons

New Horizons is a trusted on-site training team with a location in beautiful downtown Tampa! Focused primarily on computer learning, New Horizon can help you master various skills, such as Adobe creative programs, Citrix design concepts, and Microsoft software. Their Excel courses will help you master this important and high-quality spreadsheet more effectively.

Its beginner-level course, Excel 2019 - Part 1, covers this program to provide you with a foundational understanding of its operation. As a $295, one-day class, it prepares you to create, manage, and save workbooks. Further options, like Excel 2019 - Part 2 and Excel 2019 - Part 3, move towards intermediate and advanced lessons to improve your overall knowledge. 

New Horizons also provides Microsoft Excel for Office 365 - Part 1, an in-depth class that teaches you about the foundational skills of this program. You’ll learn how to insert formulas into your spreadsheets, format your text properly, work with numbers, and print your workbooks. In this way, you can advance to later classes and improve your knowledge.

General Assembly 

General Assembly is a trusted training team with a location in Tampa that can provide a variety of digital learning options. It focuses heavily on courses like software engineering, data science, programming, user experience design, digital marketing, and much more. There are several Excel options available here that might appeal to you and improve your career. 

For example, Excel Bootcamp: Formulas & Functions covers the fundamentals of Excel to improve your skill set. As a hands-on, one-day workshop, you’ll learn how to build and polish Excel spreadsheets and advance towards more professional use. Its quick pace and effective teaching method make it a great option if you’re new to Excel and need a little help.

More intensive options include Advanced Excel Training, which is a three-hour class that helps you quickly learn advanced concepts, such as pivot tables. In Excel Bootcamp, you’ll spend four hours learning formatting techniques, mathematical formulas, charts, and more. All General Assembly classes are available online if your Tampa location is full or unavailable.

Noble Desktop

At Noble Desktop, you can get training in coding, design, and business in either a live environment if you live in NYC or online. This means you can take their courses even if you live in Tampa. Thankfully, they have several options for you to consider, including their Excel Bootcamp. For just $549 in this four-day course, you’ll master Excel on a deeper level.

You’ll not only learn about basic functions and formulas but move on to macros and other important techniques. These skills will help you become a better and more masterful Excel user. When you’re done, you’ll earn a completion certificate that you can use to showcase your abilities. Even better, you can share a digital copy online on your LinkedIn profile.


CourseHorse is a trusted training team with over 75,000 different classes on a myriad of subjects. While many focus on high-quality business-oriented fields and skills, like Excel, others are broader. For example, there are cooking, painting, and language classes you can take that can improve your intellect. There are many different Excel options on this platform. 

For instance, NYC Career Centers provides Microsoft Excel Bootcamp online, which means you can take it in Tampa with no difficulty! You’ll pay $549 for this three-day class and learn about beginner, intermediate, and advanced Excel use. NYC Career Centers provides these classes separately, as well (including Advanced Microsoft Excel), if you want to take them individually. 

Furthermore, NYIM Training provides Excel Expert Certification for $1,099. This in-depth, three-day class will immerse you in the ins and outs of Excel and help you prepare for a professional-grade certification. Even better, NYIM Training also provides the Excel Specialist Certification Program for $899 to cover many of the same overall topics.

Tampa Industries That Use Excel

Tampa has a large and thriving economy filled with a broad array of different companies and career opportunities. If you’re part of the following industries or plan on joining them after finishing training, you might want to take the classes above to improve your Excel skills:

  • Polling Teams: Businesses that poll information for political purposes or other needs may use Excel to collect and arrange data properly. In this way, it’s easier to display in one place and can be used when creating information about various trends. 
  • Data Management: Data businesses, including any data management teams, need Excel to handle large amounts of information and store it effectively. Tampa has many firms like this that need people like you who understand Excel well.
  • Programming: Software engineers and programmers often use Excel to track various things, including changes to their programs and bugs that affect their operation. In this way, learning Excel can benefit you and make it easier to track program changes.
  • Office Administration: People who work in office administration often need to keep track of various things, like payments, schedules, addresses, and more. Excel makes it easier to manage all of this information by creating databases of these details.
  • Retail: Managers for retail firms (or business owners) may need Excel to keep track of things like their expenditures and all their goods. If you’re in a management position or own a business, seriously consider learning how to use Excel more effectively.

Excel Jobs & Salaries in Tampa

Here are a few jobs in Tampa that might use Excel regularly, including a listing of the various job duties and salary information to take into account before applying for a position:

  • Accountant: As a general accountant, you’ll use Excel to track expenses and other costs and provide your clients with the in-depth support that they need to manage their money properly. Expect to make about $52,000 - 63,000 in this job in Tampa, with an average of $57,690.
  • Financial Analyst: In this job, you’ll carefully analyze your clients’ financial health and provide advice that improves their overall bottom line. You’ll use Excel regularly in this career to track financial information and make a median of about $61,470 in Tampa.
  • Project Manager: Project managers typically make between $102,000-144,000 in Tampa and may use Excel to meet a variety of needs. For example, they can use this software to track changes in their projects, as well as project budgets to ensure they stay on task.
  • Marketing Professional: As a marketing specialist, you can make an average of $73,374 every year or between $62,000 - 84,000 creating high-quality advertising campaigns for your clients. You’ll use Excel to track things like billing, marketing success, and community outreach projects. 
  • HR Specialist: Human resource professionals need Excel spreadsheets to track things like customer complaints and discipline opportunities for their employees. They make about $60,326 on average in Tampa or between $51,867 to $66,634, depending on the position.
  • Regional Managers: As a regional manager, you’ll likely be working with a broad range of data, including customer reports, employee work hours, and much more. Thankfully, you’ll earn an average of $74,053 yearly or up to $84,317 in Tampa in this job.
  • Logistics Specialists: Logistics professionals can earn about $74,053 on average in Tampa handling shipping and other types of logical needs. You’ll likely use Excel to handle a broad range of different steps, including tracking product locations.
  • Bankers: Bankers often need high-quality spreadsheet software like Excel to keep track of their clients’ financial information and ensure that it’s accurate. They make a median of $40,590 yearly in Tampa or up to $47,090 when progressing towards management jobs.

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