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Best Excel Classes in Minneapolis

Microsoft Excel is an acclaimed and heavily used spreadsheet software that lets you track financial and career data quickly and efficiently. Learning to use this program properly can make it easier for you to find fascinating and financially rewarding careers in Minneapolis, including a myriad of jobs in exciting tech fields, as well as high-earning manager positions in retail. Thankfully, Minneapolis has many schools and classes where you can master Excel. 

Taking these courses will introduce you to the ins and outs of Excel, including unique features, formulas, and automation programs that make its use much easier. Furthermore, you can even earn a certificate of completion that proves your abilities and even progress towards a certification exam. By carefully examining the options available to you in Minneapolis, it should be easier to identify a high-quality training team that has your back.

Best Excel Classes & Schools in Minneapolis

The many Excel schools and classes available in the Twin City area provide you with the best chance of mastering this program effectively. Just as importantly, it can give you the unique support that you need to learn more complex and engaging skills with this in-depth software suite. In-person and online classes are available in the region, so make sure that you carefully research your choices and pick wisely when starting your educational journey.

Minneapolis Public Schools 

Minneapolis Public Schools has a Certificate in Mastering Excel program available in their adult-enrichment courses. This unique program focuses on teaching you how to use Excel properly, including creating, editing, printing, and organizing your spreadsheets. For just $495, you’ll practice these lessons and learn the skills you need to master this diverse program. 

As each class is scheduled for the weekends, you can easily attend classes outside of your part- or full-time job. Even better, you don’t need any special prerequisites to take this course, beyond being 18 or older. As a result, even high school graduates fresh out of school could complete this program and master Excel to improve their chances of finding a better job.

Pryor Learning

Pryor Learning provides a diverse array of training options in Minneapolis, including the live and online Microsoft Excel Training class. This course includes basic Excel skills, as well as more advanced topics like automation. You can join up by yourself and learn these skills or create a team-wide training class that helps your whole office improve their Excel abilities. 

It's this last process that makes Pryor Learning an interesting educational option for many businesses. If you’re a company manager who’s trying to give your team a better grasp of this software, Pryor Learning is an excellent option for you. You don’t even have to go anywhere to learn: they will bring a seminar right to your business location to streamline this process.

Noble Desktop

Noble Desktop is a trusted and high-quality training team that provides coding, design, and business classes live in NYC and online. Their Excel Bootcamp is one of their trademark programs and provides students with many unique benefits. Available at just $549 over four days, it gives you a crash course in Excel that will ensure you understand this software. 

You’ll not only learn about beginner-friendly skills but also master more complex concepts, such as data sharing and much more. Our team will help you to better understand these ideas and make it easier for you to use. Even better, you work in a small class and get a free retake, meaning you can take the class again if you want to improve your skills.

Career Centers

Though Career Centers is located physically in New York City, they provide online training that may appeal to you. These include various classes in data analytics, finances and accounting, graphic design, and Microsoft programs like Excel. Their 18-hour, three-day Microsoft Excel Bootcamp costs just $549 and will give you the advanced support you need to master Excel.

If you feel a bit uncomfortable with an in-depth bootcamp, never fear: Career Centers has a six-hour, $249 Beginner Microsoft Excel course that may suit your needs. This class helps people with little prior Excel experience learn the basics behind this program and become more confident and skilled when working with it. You can then take the bootcamp to advance further.


CourseHorse is an acclaimed online training platform that helps customers connect with educational professionals around the nation. It provides a myriad of online Excel learning options that include streamlined classes led by a skilled professor. For instance, TLG Learning provides a one-day, $295 experience entitled Excel - Part 1 that can help you start with Excel. 

If you already have some experience with Excel, NYIM Training provides Advanced Excel for Business on CourseHorse, a $249, one-day class. In this course, you’ll learn more advanced automation tasks and much more. Even better, NYIM Training provides a three-day Excel Specialist Certification Program for $899 that can get you certified quickly.

Minneapolis Industries That Use Excel

As the largest city in Minnesota (and a major industrial center in the Midwest), Minneapolis has a broad market that supports many unique industries. These include financial, tech, data, customer service, and retail fields. Here are a few of the biggest and most popular markets in the Twin City region that might require a heavy use of Excel spreadsheets:

  • Accounting: The accounting industry relies on spreadsheets like Excel to track various expenses and earnings. Just about every position in this industry will use Excel in one way or another, so mastering it can ensure you’re ready to do your job.
  • Data Management: Data managers, entry clerks, and other information processing professionals rely on Excel to track large swaths of information. A complex understanding of this program can help automate many of its tedious tasks.
  • Banking and Finance: As you might imagine, the banking industry relies on high-quality spreadsheets to track financial information, including debits and credits. Without Excel, this industry would have to rely on other programs or input data by hand.
  • Office Administration: Running an office requires tracking a large amount of data, including appointments and schedules. No matter what the business type, office administration often utilizes Excel and other spreadsheet programs.
  • Programming: The software development field often uses a large amount of data to track the successful implementation of a program. Thankfully, mastering Excel can help improve your career and ensure that you fit the needs of your employers.
  • Retail: In the retail world, you may use Excel regularly to keep track of things like spending patterns, goods supplies, and much more. Some managers may even use Excel to track employee schedules and work patterns.
  • Voting Professionals: Each state and the federal government has a team of voting experts who track this data and ensure it remains accurate. They often use Excel to make sure that this information remains accurate and up to date.

Excel Jobs & Salaries in Minneapolis

Minneapolis is an important employment center for the region and provides many high-quality jobs for people who have mastered Excel. Its diverse range of career types and industries make it a great place to start a myriad of new careers and improve your financial health. Just a few jobs that you might find in this region (including salaries) are: 

  • Accountants: Accountants help manage a business’ expenses to ensure that they don’t overspend. These professionals use Excel to track debits and credits and ensure money flow is balanced. You can make an average of $64,790 in this career in Minneapolis.
  • Auditor: As an auditor, you’ll track important financial and goods-based details to ensure your employer is properly handling its everyday business. In Minneapolis, auditors earn a median of $68,181 per year, though can earn up to $74,935.
  • Bank Tellers: Expect to make about $45,390 every year in this job in Minneapolis. Your job roles will continue working directly with customers and tracking their finances using Excel spreadsheets and other high-quality programs and software suites.
  • Finance Analysts: If you work this job, you’ll use Excel regularly to examine your clients’ financial health and make sure it’s as strong as possible. In Minneapolis, you’ll make a median of $68,810 in this position, though more is possible. 
  • HR Experts: Human resource or HR professionals use Excel regularly to track their employees’ finances, as well as complaints, rewards, and employee schedules. They make a median of $67,526 in Minneapolis working with many different employers.
  • Logistics Professionals: The logistics field is a highly in-demand one that often uses Excel to track shipping routes and other important details. You’ll likely make a median of $82,891 a year in Minneapolis in this career.
  • Marketing Experts: Marketing professionals help create high-quality and engaging advertising campaigns and may use Excel to track each ad’s costs and success rates. Expect to make $82,132 on average in this career in Minneapolis.
  • Project Leaders: As a project leader, you’ll make a median of $135,429 yearly in Minneapolis. You’ll also use Excel every day to track the progress of your projects, track your employees’ success rates, and ensure that things go smoothly for you.
  • Regional Managers: Regional managers make about $82,829 per year in Minneapolis tracking important business details and ensuring that items get handled properly. This job is a common one in the shopping districts in Minneapolis.

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