SQL Bootcamp
July 29–31, Weekdays, 10–5pm


  • SQL Level I
  • SQL Level II
  • SQL Level III
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Note: This class teaches Microsoft SQL Server. While the concepts can be applied to other flavors of SQL, we recommend that anyone wanting to learn PostgreSQL attend our PostgreSQL Bootcamp.

Turn the information in databases into useful insights by writing SQL queries. Once you understand the basics of viewing tables, columns, and rows, you’ll learn how to code queries to extract the specific information you want.

Learn how to filter the data, group it, and turn raw data into insights. Combine information from multiple tables using join statements. You’ll also learn more advanced techniques like aggregate functions and subqueries, as well as how to use functions with parameters and stored procedures.

In this hands-on course you’ll learn Microsoft SQL Server and the free SQL Server Management Studio app (SSMS) to explore the database and execute SQL queries you write. The concepts you’ll learn on SQL Server can be applied to other flavors of SQL (such as PostgreSQL, Microsoft Access, MySQL, etc.) with minor syntax differences.

This SQL Server Bootcamp is our SQL Level 1, 2, and 3 classes combined into a single comprehensive course.

Why Learn SQL?

With SQL you can answer questions from information stored in a database (the ultimate system of storing data for most companies). As nearly every industry is becoming more data-driven, having this skill will give you a larger role in decision-making wherever you work.

SQL is vital to anyone in business or any job that involves working with data: business analysts, data analysts, data scientists, web developers, business people, and many others.

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