Key Information
Front-End Web Development Certificate
$3,495 96 Hours
Learn to create the front-end of websites by coding HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Build websites using WordPress, code emails with HTML & CSS, and use Git to track changes and collaborate with other developers.
Open to Beginners
185 Madison Avenue, NYC or Live Online
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Receive a Certificate of Completion
Free Retake Within 1 Year See our class policies for more details
Workbook Included
Courses Included (Certificates & packages only)
  • 18 HoursWeb Development with HTML & CSS
  • 18 HoursAdvanced HTML & CSS
  • 18 HoursJavaScript for Front-End
  • 12 HoursFlexbox, Grid, & Bootstrap
  • 6 HoursWeb Developer Tools: Git & Coding Tips
  • 18 HoursWordPress Bootcamp
  • 6 HoursHTML Email Bootcamp
12-Month Financing See our Climb Credit FAQ for more details
Target Audience

This certificate program is for anyone who wants to learn to code websites and become a front-end web developer. It’s a good fit for:

  • Those who want to build websites (using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and WordPress).
  • Web designers, art directors, managers, and marketing professionals who want to understand how code works.
  • Anyone who needs to create or edit webpages or emails. Business owners, people in marketing, or anyone in a company that works with the creation of websites, blog posts, landing pages, emails and more can benefit from web coding skills.
What You’ll Learn
  • Build the front end of webpages by coding HTML and CSS
  • Use HTML to mark up and format text, images, and links (and then style it with CSS)
  • Design responsive layouts that adapt to different size screens
  • Use browser developer tools to see how your code works in real time
  • Use JavaScript to add animations and interactive functionality to your webpages
  • See how jQuery can be used to quickly add JavaScript functionality to a site
  • Use and skin Bootstrap to build out layouts quickly, using their mobile-first grid system and components
  • Use Git to track changes in your code and collaborate with other developers
  • Learn tips and tricks to code faster using Emmet, Sass, and code editors like Sublime Text

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