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How Python is Used in Web Development

Python is a popular programming language that has been used to design some of the world’s most popular websites including Spotify, Pinterest, and even Google. Python is text-based and succinct, making it simple to write and understand. Knowing Python is also a very marketable skill to have under your belt; it is the preferred language of many tech professionals including Web Developers. Python is an ideal choice for web development because of its simplicity, its ability to automate redundant tasks, and its multitude of libraries and frameworks. 

Read on to learn more about these details and how learning Python can lead to a web development career. 

Why do Web Developers Love Python?

Before discussing why Python is one of the most commonly used languages in web development, it’s important to get a quick overview of web development in general so you can better understand how they work together.

Web development is the process of creating a functional and visually appealing web page. The result might appear simple to the user, but a lot is going on behind the scenes to make sure the website works properly. It all starts with coding, or how we tell a computer what we want it to do. Web development is generally broken down into front end and back end tasks. Python is usually used to code the back end of websites, meaning the server-side that users don’t interact with. 

Below are a few of the main reasons why Web Developers enjoy working with Python.


Python’s simplistic syntax means it reads very similarly to regular English. This is helpful in web development for a few reasons. First, it allows the Web Developer to more easily collaborate with other members of the team who might lack programming experience; without knowing how to code, you can still read a line of Python and get a general sense of what the code is saying. It also means that new developers can learn the language in less time than it might take to learn a more complex language. 


Python was not designed with a specific purpose in mind, making its lack of structure more easily integrated with other languages. This flexibility also allows Python to run on virtually every operating system with relative ease. Websites and apps designed with Python function just as well on an Android device as they do on the iOS platform.

Libraries and Frameworks

In the most basic sense, libraries and frameworks are pre-written sections of code that web developers create to make common tasks easier to do. By eliminating the need to complete these important but often time-consuming tasks over and over again, Python developers can spend more time troubleshooting the more complex aspects of their job. The Python community that creates these libraries is robust, supportive, and growing by the day. Having such an active community of users also means that developers will be well-supported when navigating any challenge that comes their way. As time goes on, more users will discover the many uses of Python and the available libraries will continue to advance.

Fast Development

Web Developers working for startups have yet another reason to enjoy coding with Python. The language is unique in its capability to automate commonly used tasks which makes for more efficient and easier development overall. For a new business, reducing the amount of time it takes to get your web page up and running gives you a vital advantage over your competitors. It also means that building prototypes of your page takes relatively little time, allowing you to test and debug your code quickly before presenting it to the world.

Learn Python with Career Centers

Whether you’re curious about learning Python by itself or integrating it into a web development profession, there are several Python courses offered by Career Centers. Its Intro to Python Programming course is only 12 hours long and perfect for beginners. For something a bit more substantial, there is also a Python Programming Bootcamp available. This course guides students through essential programming skills and culminates in a portfolio of coding samples on GitHub to show potential employers. The most comprehensive experience can be found in the 90-hour Python Developer Certificate course. This course provides students with all the essential skills to become a well-rounded Python developer

Noble Desktop, a partner program of Career Centers, has many web development classes to choose from. If you only have a few days for a course, check out the JavaScript for Front-End class, the JavaScript Programming Fundamentals class, or the Web Development with HTML & CSS class. All three are 18-hour classes geared toward beginners looking to build their web development skills. If you’re hoping for a certification, Noble Desktop has a few of these to offer as well. Noble has a Front-End Web Development Certificate and a Full-Stack Web Development Certificate as part of its programming.

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