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Best Excel Classes in Baltimore

Excel is one of the most trusted and popular spreadsheet programs in the world and provides users with plenty of unique options. For example, you can store, organize, and manipulate your data and present it with graphics and much more. Many employers in Baltimore, particularly tech or office teams, need people who understand this program to handle data management. Thankfully, this region has many schools and classes that you can attend. 

By understanding your options here, you can ensure that you carefully choose a course that makes sense for you and get the best results possible. Just as importantly, you can streamline your education and give yourself the immersive Excel experience that you deserve at a price that you can afford. In the following article, we’ll examine some of the best classes and schools in Baltimore that offer Excel training, as well as industries in the region that use this software and jobs (with salary estimates) that are available in the area as well.

Best Excel Classes & Schools in Baltimore

Baltimore is known for its many high-quality educational institutions, meaning there should be plenty of schools where you can learn Excel. However, there are also specialty training facilities that provide high-quality Excel education that can improve your understanding of this program and ensure things go smoothly for you. Read through this list carefully to identify a few options that make sense for you and give you the learning help that you need to succeed.


Ledet is a well-respected training team that provides multiple locations throughout the nation, including in Washington D.C., not far from Baltimore. Here, you can study various graphics and tech-based career skills, including Excel. For example, Microsoft Excel 101 - Microsoft Excel Introduction helps you learn all about this program and its basic operation. It costs just $399 and takes place over a single day to ensure you can write formulas and create tables. 

Other courses include the one-day, $399 upgrades Microsoft Excel 201 - Microsoft Excel Intermediate and Microsoft Excel 301 - Microsoft Excel Advanced. In these programs, you’ll learn about more intermediate and advanced Excel skills that can improve your abilities even further. Upon completing each class, you can advance to the next and must start at 101 or have a similar training in your past to ensure you don’t get confused during 201 and 301.

Career Centers 

Career Centers is an NYC training team that provides in-person training in the Big Apple or online education elsewhere. It’s one of the most trusted educational teams in the nation because it provides small classes, free course retakes, and setup assistance for all students. It includes two Excel courses, including the six-hour, $249 Beginner Microsoft Excel class that helps you better understand the basics of this program and master them more quickly. 

You can also try the Microsoft Excel Bootcamp, an 18-hour course broken down over three days. After you pay $549, you’ll get an immersive experience learning about fundamental skills, like writing formulas, and move on to mastering more complex skills. When you’re done, you’ll get a certificate of completion that you can use to show off your abilities. You can then integrate this digital designation on your LinkedIn resume to show off your skills even further.


NYIM is a professional development team out of New York that provides online training around the nation. It focuses heavily on corporate education, as well as data analytics, project management, productivity, and more. Courses include Excel for Business Bootcamp, an 18-hour, three-day class that costs just $549 to complete. You’ll discover formulas, functions, macros, VLOOKUP, and other important functions that improve your Excel skills.

Other options include Excel for Business Fundamentals and Intermediate Excel for Business. Each of these courses is six hours and costs just $249, covering subjects like tables, charts, IF statements, joining text, and producing high-quality, hands-on projects. When you finish all this training, you should feel comfortable using Excel for many business functions. You also get high-quality support through your classes from trained and skilled experts who want to help you.

Noble Desktop

Over the years, Noble Desktop has quietly provided hundreds of people with strong career training in design, programming, and business in their New York City destination. However, their innovative online platform is the golden standard in virtual training and has become one of the go-to options for job training. This includes their Excel Bootcamp

This trademark program is available at just $549 and takes place over four days. It provides many of the same benefits you get with other Noble Desktop courses, such as small class sizes, hands-on training, and a skilled professor. However, it stands apart from other Excel classes because it guides you from basic skills to advanced comprehension in under a week.


CourseHorse is a well-known training platform that provides a unique educational option for people like you. It lets various vendors set up classes to sell directly to their customers. There are no booking fees with this platform and you can adjust your class attendance up to the day of the class. With over 75,000 courses available on this platform, it should be fairly easy for you to find an Excel training option that makes the most sense for your specific needs. 

For example, NYC Career Centers provides Microsoft Excel Bootcamp, a five-day, $549 class that covers the basics of Excel and works you up to advanced knowledge. You’ll practice various important lessons and use hands-on projects to move towards intermediate and advanced abilities. Once you master these skills, you’ll earn a completion certificate that proves you understand Excel and can use its many functions in various ways. 

Other courses include Noble Desktop’s $249, one-day class Excel Level I: Fundamentals and the one-day, $295 Excel - Part 1 course from TLG Learning. Both these programs cover the basics of Excel to help you progress towards more advanced learning. As you master this program, you can move on to tougher classes from either team. Thankfully, CourseHorse makes it easier for you to identify individual classes and enroll in them quickly and efficiently.

Baltimore Industries That Use Excel

Once you master Excel in these courses, you can transition into a high-quality Baltimore career path in a variety of industries. These often include a myriad of different fields that focus heavily on tech, programming, finances, and much more. Thankfully, it should be fairly easy for you to find jobs in Baltimore in each of these industries thanks to its robust economy. Just a few fields that you might want to try when seeking out jobs in this area include:

  • Accounting: Accountants regularly use Excel to track various expenses for their clients and to ensure that everything is balanced. While some might use alternative options, Excel remains the most popular spreadsheet for accountants.
  • Banking Professionals: Finance experts (including bankers, lenders, tellers, and investors) need spreadsheet skills to track financial data. Excel makes it easier for them to handle this process and ensures things go smoothly for them.
  • Data Management: In data management, you need spreadsheet skills to track changes in your information and to ensure it gets managed properly. Thankfully, Excel abilities can ensure that you can handle this process with ease. 
  • Marketing: Advertising and marketing experts often use spreadsheets to track their campaigns and gauge how well they’re doing. By mastering Excel, you can produce high-quality formulas and automation tools that streamline your data management.
  • Retail: Though you might not think of it immediately, retailers (particularly business people like managers and owners) need Excel skills. They must understand how to use it to track things like payments, inventory, and employee schedules.
  • Software Development: Software programmers often use spreadsheets like Excel to track their programming progress and to gauge changes in their software. Mastering Excel will help streamline your programming careers and make it easier.

Excel Jobs & Salaries in Baltimore

Within the industries mentioned above here, there are dozens of jobs that will use Excel every day. These positions are available all through Baltimore with a variety of potential employers, which should make it easier for you to find a great job in no time. Make sure that you check Baltimore newspapers and online job boards to find careers in these fields, as they are often highly competitive and require you to highlight your skills properly to get them:

  • Accountant: Accountants use Excel everyday to track financial information and ensure their clients have the support that they need. You’ll make about $62,790 as an accountant on average in this profession in Baltimore.
  • Financial Analyst Professional: Financial analysts likely use Excel regularly to track monetary data and figure out where costs and earnings go. In this field, you’ll make about $66,580 in Baltimore on average as a financial analyst.
  • HR Team Member: You can make $65,326 as a median as a Baltimore HR professional. In this job, you’ll use Excel regularly to track things like customer complaints, time-off requests, and other important details.
  • Logistics Expert: When working in logistics, you can make an average of about $80,233 in Baltimore, which is a very strong wage for this city. You’ll work with Excel when planning various logistical processes for businesses, such as shipping and handling.
  • Marketing Team Mate: Baltimore isn’t one of the biggest marketing towns in the nation, but there are several potential employers that may hire you. In this field, you’ll make a median of about $79,462 in Balitmore while you plan advertising campaigns.
  • Project Manager: Project managers in Baltimore make about $131,087 on average, depending on their job roles. You’ll likely use Excel everyday to handle things like employee payments, task management, and much more.
  • Regional Experts: In Baltimore, regional managers or experts make about $80,184 a year on average. In this job, you’ll take care of a company’s regional headquarters and use Excel daily to track expenses, earnings, inventory, and more. 

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