Retake Request

A student can retake a fully paid public course within 6 months from the date of the given class.

Instructions for submitting a Retake Request:

  1. Choose the class you want to retake below.
  2. Enter the date you took the class (the date of the first class for multi-day classes).
  3. New Date Request: Choose your first and second preferences for the date of your retake.

Students will receive an acknowledgement of their request within 1 business day and will get a final confirmation as to the availability of the requested retake 48-72 hours before the date of the requested class. If the student does not receive confirmation they should email us to confirm the status of their request.

There will be no charge for the retake, as long as the student brings their manual from the original class. A $25.00 Book Replacement Fee will be charged if a new manual is needed.

Please note: There are no reschedules for retakes.