Key Information
PHP & MySQL Bootcamp
$975 18 Hours
This 18-hour course is one of the final classes included in the Web Development Certificate. Gain back-end coding experience as you learn from professsional web developer instructors. You’ll get our custom PHP & MySQL training workbook used by universities and institutions around the world, as well as a free retake within six months of taking the course. 
Students should feel comfortable coding HTML and CSS. You should have knowledge equivalent to our Web Development Level 2 class. Please note that to run a local server on each machine we use XAMPP (Free) for the PC and MAMP Pro ($69) for the Mac.
185 Madison Avenue, NYC or Live Online
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Receive a Certificate of Completion
Free Retake Within 1 Year See our class policies for more details
Workbook Included
Target Audience
What You’ll Learn
  • Use PHP to bring websites to life, turning static HTML into a two-way, user-interactive experience
  • Get an introduction to the basics of PHP and MySQL
  • Understand how PHP & MySQL can be used to handle form submissions, interact with databases, and more
  • Gain a solid foundation of how PHP works, including working with forms, sessions, and more
  • Learn the basics of MySQL, using SQL to fetch, insert, update, delete, and search records  

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