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Customer Service Via Phone and Email
Customer Service Via Phone and Email

Customer Service Via Phone and Email Training Overview

You need to respond to customer service queries via a remote system such as email or the telephone. In order to do this effectively, you need to develop skills that will help you interact with customers in a positive and professional manner. In this course, you will learn important principles and skills you can utilize as a remote customer service representative.

What You'll Learn in this Class:

  • Manage the customer's initial contact
  • Address the customer's issues
  • Close communications with the customer once all issues have been resolved


Students should have a basic understanding of Windows, including how to use files and folders.

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Customer Service Via Phone and Email Training Outline

Lesson 1: Managing the Customer's Initial Contact

• Topic 1A: Accept a Customer Contact
• Topic 1B: Address a Customer's Emotional State
• Topic 1C: Address Your Own Emotional State

Lesson 2: Addressing Customer Issues

• Topic 2A: Assess Customer Issues
• Topic 2B: Develop Solutions
• Topic 2C: Negotiate to Reach a Solution

Lesson 3: Closing Communications

• Topic 3A: Upsell Additional Products
• Topic 3B: Conclude Customer Contact
• Topic 3C: Follow Up
• Topic 3D: Release Stress