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Adobe Photoshop Web Production - Private Training
Adobe Photoshop Web Production - Private Training

Price: $850.00

Course Code: PW | Hours: 6

Adobe Photoshop Web Production Training Overview

This course is only available as one-on-one training, if you're interested in our Adobe group classes please check our design school courses.

You learn how to use the features in Adobe Photoshop: Web Production to enhance and modify images to meet your requirements. Now, you would want to create and work with images to be used in the web pages. In this course, you will use Photoshop to create and optimize images for the web. You will also stage web page components, arrange them aesthetically, and add interactivity to them. Finally, you will export the web page consisting of interactive images so that you can view and test their functionality in Internet browsers.

You will set Photoshops unit preferences and save files in different formats to see how well each one balances image quality with file size reduction. You will then calibrate your systems color display. You will also use Photoshop as part of creating finished web pages and export individual slices and create an HTML Web page that displays a table containing the sliced sections. Finally, you will use Photoshop and the Save for Web Devices feature to create and optimize animations for the web and mobile devices.

What You'll Learn in this Class:

  • set preferences for size units and also identify factors that contribute to file size
  • optimize images by saving them in different formats and applying transparency to them
  • apply color management techniques & adjust images
  • ensure color consistency to create images that are attractive to the widest possible audience
  • use different platforms such as Windows and Macintosh
  • create web page layouts
  • use Adobe Photoshop to export a web page
  • plan and create animations for web and mobile devices


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Adobe PhotoShop Training Outline - Web Production

Lesson 1: Preparing Web Images

• Topic 1A: Change Measurement Units
• Topic 1B: Reduce File Size

Lesson 2: Optimizing Images

• Topic 2A: Optimize Photographic Images
• Topic 2B: Optimize Flat Color Graphics and Illustrations
• Topic 2C: Apply Transparency Settings

Lesson 3: Preparing Images for Cross-Platform Viewing

• Topic 3A: Set Up Color Management for the Web
• Topic 3B: Alter Images for Display Across Platforms
• Topic 3C: Snap to Web Safe Colors

Lesson 4: Creating Web Page Layouts

• Topic 4A: Simulate a Web Page
• Topic 4B: Create Web Page Backgrounds
• Topic 4C: Draw Editable Vector Shapes
• Topic 4D: Create Effects

Lesson 5: Exporting a Web Page

• Topic 5A: Prepare a Web Page for Export
• Topic 5B: Export a Web Page

Lesson 6: Creating Animations for Web and Mobile Devices

• Topic 6A: Create Animations
• Topic 6B: Create Timeline Animations
• Topic 6C: Save Animations
• Topic 6D: Preview Animations on Mobile Devices