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Microsoft Windows 7 Level 2
Microsoft Windows 7 Level 2

Course Code: NB | Hours: 8

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Microsoft Windows 7 Level 2 Training Overview

This course is the second and the last in the series of Microsoft Windows 7 courses. This course is designed to provide you with skills that will help you manage some of the advanced tasks available in Windows 7. In this course, you will familiarize yourself with the advanced customization techniques and work with applications and programs in Windows 7. In addition to this, you will also work with Internet Explorer 8, manage network communications and data, and enhance system performance.

This course is designed for any knowledge worker or business professional who needs operating system and file management skills.

What You'll Learn in this Class:

  • customize the Windows 7 environment
  • configure user accounts
  • work with applications in Windows 7
  • work with devices
  • manage networks
  • secure your system data
  • enhance system performance
  • work with Internet Explorer 8


Students are recommended to take the following courses or possess equivalent knowledge:

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Microsoft Windows 7 Training Outline - Level 2

Lesson 1: Customizing the Windows 7 Environment

• Topic 1A: Apply Aero Features
• Topic 1B: Modify Display Settings

Lesson 2: Configuring User Accounts

• Topic 2A: Create a User Account
• Topic 2B: Manage User Accounts

Lesson 3: Working with Applications in Windows 7

• Topic 3A: Schedule Tasks
• Topic 3B: Work with Media Files
• Topic 3C: Explore Games
• Topic 3D: Manage Programs

Lesson 4: Working with Devices

• Topic 4A: Modify Device Settings
• Topic 4B: Configure Removable Devices

Lesson 5: Managing Networks

• Topic 5A: An Overview of Networks
• Topic 5B: Share Files and Folders
• Topic 5C: Manage Offline Files

Lesson 6: Securing System Data

• Topic 6A: Back Up Data
• Topic 6B: Restore Data
• Topic 6C: Apply Security Settings

Lesson 7: Enhancing System Performance

• Topic 7A: Improve Processing Speed
• Topic 7B: Optimize Power Consumption
• Topic 7C: Configure Windows Update Settings
• Topic 7D: Troubleshoot Problems

Lesson 8: Working with Internet Explorer 8

• Topic 8A: Manage Favorites
• Topic 8B: Manage History Files
• Topic 8C: Configure Pop-Up Settings
• Topic 8D: Configure Internet Security and Privacy Setting