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Testing Services Overview

Testing VendorsThe Career Center is a certified Certiport and Prometric testing center. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible testing experience. We are aware that many test takers' livelihoods, professional advancement and professional development depend on the results of the exams they take. Add to that, the time and money investment that test takers make to prepare themselves for the test experience. Between study materials, coursework, the cost of the exam itself – and the fact that their careers may depend on how they perform, we realize that taking a test can be stressful and anxiety-producing. The Career Center is committed to being forthcoming and transparent about what you can expect on the day of your exam in order to help minimize your anxiety. We understand that the more you know about what to expect, the more confident and comfortable you'll be on exam day; and the better you'll perform!

The following regulations are enforced by Certiport testing vendors:

If you have a question or want to discuss a particular Testing need, please call us at 212-684-5151 or email us at info@careercenters.com