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NYC Career Centers is committed to helping every student reach their goals.

Class Files

For your course, you will receive a manual that is accompanied by class files (i.e. documents, spreadsheets). These files will be utilized in class and can be found preloaded on your computer here at the center. You can also access these files via our download links available below.

Student Rescheduling

For reschedules, please fill out the form on careercenters.com/reschedule

Students may reschedule their class online up to 4 business days before the start date of the class by clicking link above and completing the form. No online reschedules are permitted within 3 business days of the class. However, you may fill out the “special request” field with the reason for the need to reschedule. Also, you are able to use your “free retake” to reschedule the course.

Reschedules are not confirmed until the student receives a confirmation email.

Free Retake

Retake can be done within 6 months from the date of any given class. All student retake requests must be submitted online at careercenters.com/retake. Students will receive an email with final availability within 48-72 hours of a prospective class. There are no reschedules for retakes.

Career Center Specials

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Receive 10% off with the purchase of 3 or more courses! These classes must be purchased on the same date.

To take advantage of this special:

For more information:

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Microsoft Office 2016

6JMicrosoft Access 2016 Level 1
6KMicrosoft Access 2016 Level 2
6LMicrosoft Access 2016 Level 3
6FMicrosoft Excel 2016 Level 1
6GMicrosoft Excel 2016 Level 2
6HMicrosoft Excel 2016 Level 3
6Q Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables
VM Microsoft Excel VBA Level 1
VN Microsoft Excel VBA Level 2
6I Microsoft Excel 2016: PowerPivot
EF Useful Formulas and Functions
ED Creating/Analyzing Database Using Excel
6RMicrosoft Outlook 2016 Level 1
6SMicrosoft Outlook 2016 Level 2
6OMicrosoft PowerPoint 2016 Level 1
6PMicrosoft PowerPoint 2016 Level 2
6UMicrosoft Project 2016 Level 1
6VMicrosoft Project 2016 Level 2
6BMicrosoft Word 2016 Level 1
6CMicrosoft Word 2016 Level 2
6DMicrosoft Word 2016 Level 3
6WMicrosoft Visio 2016 Level 1
6YMicrosoft Visio 2016 Level 2
6Y Microsoft Publisher 2016

Microsoft Office 2007

KI Microsoft Access New Features
KJMicrosoft Access Level 1 2007
KKMicrosoft Access Level 2 2007
KLMicrosoft Access Level 3 2007
KMMicrosoft Access Level 4 2007
KEMicrosoft Excel New Features
KFMicrosoft Excel Level 1 2007
KGMicrosoft Excel Level 2 2007
KHMicrosoft Excel Level 3 2007
KQMicrosoft Outlook Level 1 2007
KRMicrosoft Outlook Level 2 2007
KSMicrosoft Outlook Level 3 2007
KO Microsoft PowerPoint Level 1 2007
KPMicrosoft PowerPoint Level 2 2007
KTMicrosoft Project Level 1 2007
KUMicrosoft Project Level 2 2007
KAMicrosoft Word New Features
KBMicrosoft Word Level 1 2007
KCMicrosoft Word Level 2 2007
KDMicrosoft Word Level 3 2007
KVMicrosoft Visio Level 1 2007
KWMicrosoft Visio Level 2 2007