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Class Files

The Career Center is committed to helping every student reach their goals.

For your course, you will receive a manual that is accompanied by class files (i.e. documents, spreadsheets). These files will be utilized in class and can be found preloaded on your computer here at the center. You can also access these files via our download links available below.

Free Retakes

Retakes can be done within 1 year from the date of any given class. All student retake requests must be submitted online at careercenters.com/retake. Students will receive an email with final availibility within 48-72 hours of a perspective class.

There will be no charge for the retake as long as the student brings their manual from the original class. A $25.00 Book Replacement Fee will be charged for lost manuals.

Private Sessions:

Private Tutoring offers individual instruction to students looking to improve skills outside of the classroom setting.

Private Sessions allow for:

  • Personalized training and customization
  • Slower pacing and more elementary instruction, for beginners learners
  • Quicker pacing, for intermediate to advance learners looking to maximize efficiency
  • Training in multiple programs
  • Preparation for Certification exams
  • Scheduling at convenience
  • On and off site options

Arrange a private session for up to 15 students. Our curriculum department will customize the materials for your needs.

Enjoy the full benefits of our instructors, our proven methods, and excellent materials taught at your site or here at The Career Center.