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Class Files

When you arrive, you will be given a Course Manual, which will serve as the outline for your training. The manual first teaches concepts, and then reinforces them with practical examples. These examples require files that have spreadsheets, documents, databases etc. set up for you to practice specific exercises to reinforce specific skills. The manual is yours to keep, and you can always Download the Class Files (below on this page) so that you can practice at your home or office in the exact same manner as you learned it in the classroom.

Private Tutoring

Private tutoring emphasizes a personalized approach to training that encourages the student to absorb course information and focus on instructions at a far faster rate than training in a public classroom.

The benefits of Private Tutoring include:

  • Choose the topics
  • Train in multiple programs
  • Make your own schedule
  • Work at your own speed

Private Tutoring offers students more individual attention than they will find in classrooms and improves skills, motivation and confidence. Private Tutors can teach students how to analyze problems, be better prepared for certification tests and manage their time more efficiently.

Generally speaking, a tutor will coach students in the areas where they need help, focusing on giving them extra attention or helping them work through individual problems. For more information about Private Tutoring, please either call us at your convenience at 212-684-5151 or email us at tutoring@careercenters.com.

Free Retakes

A student can retake a fully paid open enrollment public course within 1 year from the date of the given class. All student retake requests must be submitted online at careercenters.com/retake. Students will receive an acknowledgement of their request within 72 hours and will get a final confirmation as to the availability of the requested retake 48-72 hours before the date of the requested class. If the student does not receive confirmation they should call us at 212-684-5151 to confirm the status of their request.

There will be no charge for the retake, as long as the student brings their manual from the original class. A $25.00 Book Replacement Fee will be charged if they do not bring their manual.

Class file Downloads

Our fully-networked classrooms are equipped with hundreds of programs and classroom files and are available here on our Student Page. Each student is entitled to receive a copy of the authorized Element K courseware training text and materials, access to online CBT files used in class, and all handouts. These files correspond to our course curriculum manuals. To download course files, click on the course link & save the zip file to your desktop or a designated folder, after downloading double click on the course zipped folder & extract files in the same folder. Thank You and enjoy your lesson.

MA Microsoft Access 2003 Level 1
AZ Microsoft Access 2003 Level 2
A3 Microsoft Access 2003 Level 3
A4 Microsoft Access 2003 Level 4
EX Microsoft Excel 2003 Level 1
EA Microsoft Excel 2003 Level 2
X3 Microsoft Excel 2003 Level 3
OL Microsoft Outlook 2003 Level 1
OU Microsoft Outlook 2003 Level 2
OK Microsoft Outlook 2003 Level 3
MP Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 Level 1
PZ Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 Level 2
PR Microsoft Project 2003 Level 1
PS Microsoft Project 2003 Level 2
PU Microsoft Project 2003 Professional
MW Microsoft Word 2003 Level 1
MX Microsoft Word 2003 Level 2
W3 Microsoft Word 2003 Level 3  
KV Microsoft Visio 2003 Level 1
KW Microsoft Visio 2003 Level 2
KI Microsoft Access New Features
KJ Microsoft Access Level 1 2007
KK Microsoft Access Level 2 2007
KL Microsoft Access Level 3 2007
KM Microsoft Access Level 4 2007
KE Microsoft Excel New Features
KF Microsoft Excel Level 1 2007
KG Microsoft Excel Level 2 2007
KH Microsoft Excel Level 3 2007
KQ Microsoft Outlook Level 1 2007
KR Microsoft Outlook Level 2 2007
KS Microsoft Outlook Level 3 2007
KO Microsoft PowerPoint Level 1 2007
KP Microsoft PowerPoint Level 2 2007
KT Microsoft Project Level 1 2007
KU Microsoft Project Level 2 2007
KA Microsoft Word New Features
KB Microsoft Word Level 1 2007
KC Microsoft Word Level 2 2007
KD Microsoft Word Level 3 2007
KV Microsoft Visio Level 1 2007
KW Microsoft Visio Level 2 2007
XP Microsoft Windows XP Professional
QB QuickBooks 2012 PC
QB QuickBooks 2012 Mac
PC Microsoft Windows 7 Level 1
WX Microsoft Windows 7 Level 2
SW Effective Business Writing
GX Microsoft Office 2010: Transition from 2003
GJ Microsoft Access Level 1 2010
GK Microsoft Access Level 2 2010
GL Microsoft Access Level 3 2010
GM Microsoft Access Level 4 2010
GF Microsoft Excel Level 1 2010
GG Microsoft Excel Level 2 2010
GH Microsoft Excel Level 3 2010
PV Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables 2010
VM Microsoft Excel VBA Level 1 2010
GR Microsoft Outlook Level 1 2010
GS Microsoft Outlook Level 2 2010
GT Microsoft Outlook Level 3 2010
GU Microsoft Project Level 1 2010
GV Microsoft Project Level 2 2010
GO Microsoft PowerPoint Level 1 2010
GP Microsoft PowerPoint Level 2 2010
GB Microsoft Word Level 1 2010
GC Microsoft Word Level 2 2010
GD Microsoft Word Level 3 2010
GW Microsoft Visio Level 1 2010
GY Microsoft Visio Level 2 2010
AN Adobe New Features CS5
IL Adobe Illustrator CS6 Level 1
IX Adobe Illustrator CS6 Level 2
PX Adobe Photoshop CS6 Level 1
PY Adobe Photoshop CS6 Level 2
PP Adobe Photoshop CS5 Photo Printing & Color
PW Adobe Photoshop CS5 Web Production
IE Adobe InDesign CS6 Level 1
IF Adobe InDesign CS6 Level 2
D8 Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 Level 1
DX Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 Level 2
F1 Adobe Flash CS5 Level 1
F2 Adobe Flash CS5 Level 2
HT HTML Level 1
HX HTML Level 2
HS HTML Level 3
H5 HTML5 New Features
HM HTML5 and CSS3 Level 1
HL HTML5 and CSS3 Level 2
HP PHP 4 Intro
CS Cascading Style Sheets
JS JavaScript
SC SQL: Level 1
SD SQL: Level 2
DA AutoCAD 2013 Level 1
DB AutoCAD 2013 Level 2
DC AutoCAD 2013 Level 3
DO Intro to Microsoft .Net
VB Microsoft Visual Basic.Net
VS Microsoft Visual Studio.Net
CP Microsoft Visual C#.Net 
AS Microsoft ASP .NET