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RentAClass.com | Training Room Rentals

RentAClass.com, the Computer Classroom Rental Division of the Career Center, provides state of the art computer classroom rentals for companies conducting training in the New York City Area

We provide fully equipped facilities

  • High-speed Internet connectivity
  • Custom configured computers
  • Dedicated customer service available 24/7
  • Overhead projectors & white boards
  • Technical support and logistics
  • Catering services
  • Preferred and discount hotels

Located centrally at 34th Street and Madison Avenue, with close proximity to most train stations and airports. RentAClass offers the facility and location to make your corporate training both effective and convenient.

With the latest technology, a bonded T5 Internet connection and digital projection systems, our clients have the tools to create the ultimate training experience. Our knowledgeable and attentive IT Staff will be happy to assist you in setting up computer images to suit your training needs. To find out more about how RentaClass please visit RentAClass.com, email us at info@RentAClass.com or call at 212-684-5151.

Our trained professionals will welcome your trainees, facilitate deliveries and anything else you might need.

To find out more about The Career Center please email us at or call 212-684-5151

Do you provide complete set-up and drive imaging?

Yes we consult with all of our clients as to the technical specifications necessary to deliver the desired training, and our technicians take care of the installation process as per your requirements.

Are the drives re-imaged after each rental?

Yes after each room rental we re-image all the drives, assuring that all proprietary data on the machines is erased.

What food and catering options do you have available?

We provide complimentary beverages and coffee at no charge. We can also help you arrange and facilitate catering options from one of the many culinary options in Midtown Manhattan.

What instructor accessories are provided?

Each room is equipped with digital projectors for computer and video presentations, as well as flipcharts and whiteboards.

Do you provide Internet and central server access?

Yes each workstation is networked for use of our bonded T5 Internet access.

Is there qualified staff available?

Yes our full-time technicians are available to assist with any technical issues during your training at no cost.

Do you offer image data storage?

Yes at the client’s request, we can keep copies of all of the images that are used for a class, facilitating easy recurring or continuing classes.