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SQL, PHP 4 & MySQL Overview

SQL training in NYCSQL: Structured Query Language allows you to have access to company databases and your job may require you to retrieve data from those databases. Retrieval of information from a database is dependent on precisely ordered logic and specific information. This course will help you to use - SQL: Structured Query Language as a tool to implement that logic, define instructions, and compose SQL queries to retrieve information from the database.

PHP 4: Introduction is for creating dynamic websites. In this PHP course, you will acquaint yourself with PHP by working with its common script elements, use the PHP script elements to create forms, address the stateless nature of HTTP by setting cookies and session variables in your scripts, and write the data entered in a form to a database.

Fundamentals of Databases Using MySQL training at TCCIT Solutions New York CityFundamentals of Databases Using MySQL is for storing and accessing data a vital part of a person's day-to-day activities. One of the most efficient and powerful ways of managing data is by using databases. Information can be stored, linked, and managed using a database application such as MySQL 5.1. In the Fundamentals of Databases Using MySQL course, you will work with the databases using MySQL. This course will also help students who are preparing for the CIW Database Design Specialist Exam ID0-541; Sun Certified MySQL Associate (SCMA); Sun Certified MySQL Developer (SCMDEV); Sun Certified MySQL Database Administrator (SCMDBA)

The links below will take you to our SQL, PHP & MySQL course pages that has course objectives, upcoming dates, topics to be covered and the ability to register online:

 SC SQL: Level 1 8 $325.00
 SD SQL: Level 2 8 $325.00
 SE SQL: Level 3 8 $425.00
 HP PHP 4: Introduction 8 $325.00
 MY Fundamentals of Databases using MySQL 8 $325.00

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