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Adobe Illustrator Courses NYC

Training facility for Illustrator classes

Hands-on Illustrator Training in Manhattan, NYC

Career Centers offers professional Illustrator classes and training, from beginner to advanced, in New York City area.

In our beginner Illustrator course, you will learn to create basic shapes and custom shapes with the pen tool, customize objects, and create graphics containing customized paths and text. In our advanced Illustrator class, we will review drawing complex illustrations, enhancing artwork using painting tools, and customizing colors and swatches.

Upcoming Illustrator Classes New York City

Code Course Name Hours Price Location
IU Beginner Adobe Illustrator 7 $325 185 Madison Ave, NYC
IV Intermediate Adobe Illustrator 7 $325 185 Madison Ave, NYC

Illustrator Level I - Beginner
  • Create Basic Shapes
  • Custom Shapes with Pen Tool
  • Fill, Stroke, & Gradient
  • Customize Objects
  • Add & Customize Type
With Illustrator's many, easily used tools, you will discover that not only can you unlock the same creative impulses you've always had as you've picked up a pencil to sketch out an idea, but also capture those multiple ideas and "what ifs" during the creative process in ways that you never imagined.


Illustrator Level II - Advanced
  • Use Pathfinder
  • Use Advanced Path Tools
  • Live Trace & Live Paint
  • Work with Special Effects
  • Prepare Content for Print
In this course, you will draw complex illustrations, and enhance them using various painting options. You will also use her techniques using painting tools, manage colors, format type, work with effects, prepare artwork for commercial printing, and prepare graphics for the web.