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Hands-on Excel training classes in Manhattan, NYC

Sign up today for NYC's premier Microsoft Excel classes and corporate training! Basic, intermediate, advanced, VBA, and private training, TCC has a wide offering of courses and class dates to choose from.

Our Excel courses are taught by engaging instructors in interactive classes. You'll get personalized training in small class sizes and our comfortable New York City facility. We offer a wide-range of training resources, including a cutting-edge online video suite. Our corporate training program has become the industry standard in providing flexible and customizable courses for any business.

Beginner to advanced Excel Training

Beginners, start with our Beginner Excel Course, where you'll review calculations, charts, formulas, and tables. In our Intermediate Excel Class, we'll dive into multi-input functions, Pivot Tables, and Sort & Filter. For advanced training, our Advanced Excel Class will show you how to automate workbook functionality, use advanced lookup functions, and forecast data using What-If Analysis. Microsoft Excel VBA & Macros will show you how to automate your daily work.

Beginner Excel Course Outline | Intermediate Excel Course Outline | Advanced Excel Course Outline

Upcoming Excel courses in New York City

Code Course Name Hours Price Location
6F Beginner Microsoft Excel 2016 7 $229 185 Madison Ave, NYC
6G Intermediate Microsoft Excel 2016 7 $229 185 Madison Ave, NYC
6H Advanced Microsoft Excel 2016 7 $229 185 Madison Ave, NYC
EB Microsoft Excel Bootcamp 21 $535 185 Madison Ave, NYC
VM Excel VBA and Macros Level I 7 $345 185 Madison Ave, NYC
VN Excel VBA and Macros Level II 7 $345 185 Madison Ave, NYC
VT Microsoft Excel PowerPivot 7 $299 185 Madison Ave, NYC
EF Useful Formulas and Functions 3 $375 185 Madison Ave, NYC
ED Create/Analyze Database in Excel 8 $675 185 Madison Ave, NYC
RD Relational Database Fundamentals 8 $425 185 Madison Ave, NYC

Beginner Microsoft Excel 2016
  • Perform Calculations
  • Modify Text
  • Format a Worksheet
  • Create Charts and Tables
  • Manage Workbooks
This beginner Excel course covers the fundamentals, including basic formulas, functions, formatting, printing, charts, & calculations. We'll also introduce you to some essential shortcuts to start boosting your speed. This class is the perfect introduction to Excel that will help you set a solid foundation in the software.


Advanced Microsoft Excel 2016
  • Special Formatting
  • Advanced Functions
  • What If Analysis
  • Advanced Analytical Tools
  • Advanced Database Functions
  • Introduction to Macros
Our advanced Excel training will delve into data tables, goal seek, advanced database functions (including INDEX-MATCH), recording macros, and advanced analytical tools. Throughout the course you'll be building speed with our revolutionary time-saving tricks.


Beginner VBA Course
  • Develop a Macro
  • Format with Macros
  • Make Interactive Worksheets
  • Work with Many Worksheets
  • Perform Calculations
In this beginner VBA & Macros course, you will learn to develop macros, perform calculations & more.


  • Prepare data for PivotTable
  • Analyze Data Using PivotTables
  • Work with PivotCharts
  • Summarize PivotTable Data
Being able to harness the power of advanced PivotTable features and create PivotCharts, will help you gain a competitive edge. You will learn to summarize, organize and analyze data, in a way that can be easily presented, leading to data-driven business decisions.


Advanced VBA Course
  • Navigate with Macros
  • Use Loops & Conditions
  • Create Forms
  • Understand Variables
  • Handle Events
In this advanced VBA & Macros training class, you will write scripts, create automated event processes & more.


Intermediate Microsoft Excel 2016
  • Worksheet Management
  • Database Management
  • Database Functions
  • PivotTables & PivotCharts
  • Logical Functions
  • Statistical Functions
  • Pivot Tables
The intermediate Excel class focuses on more advanced functions (including VLOOKUP, COUNTIFS and SUMIFs), Sort & Filter, and Pivot Tables. You'll also learn crucial text-related features like splitting and joining text, removing duplicates, and data validation. Embedded in the course are pivotal time-saving tricks like Paste Special, keyboard shortcuts, and navigation techniques.


Excel Bootcamp
  • Beginner Microsoft Excel 2016
  • Intermediate Microsoft Excel 2016
  • Advanced Microsoft Excel 2016
Sign up today for three levels of Excel at a 15% discount with our Microsoft Excel Bootcamp package: Basic, intermediate, advanced.


Creating & Analyzing Database
  • Working with Databases
  • Using AutoFilter
  • Working with Advanced Filters
  • Lookup Formulas
  • Exporting and Importing Data
  • Creating/Revising PivotTable
Provides students with the knowledge and skills, to use advanced Excel features, in creating and analyzing databases. Learn how to sort and manage data; filter and query data; and apply lookup and database functions. Learn to analyze and evaluate the information in the databases by creating pivot table and pivot charts.


Formulas & Functions
  • Apply Formula and Functions Basic
  • Statistical and Logical Functions
  • Lookup and Reference Formulas
  • Text Formulas
  • Date and Time Formulas
  • Array and Database Functions
Get a head start in acquiring the knowledge of using Formulas in your daily work. Want to expand your Microsoft Excel knowledge? This one day Excel training course will provide answers to your everyday workplace questions. This Excel course is for users at all levels, from beginners to intermediate and advanced.


Excel: PowerPivot
  • Create Reports
  • Manipulate Data
  • DAX functions
  • Distribute PowerPivot Data
  • Import Data
  • Linked Tables
You will make use of the PowerPivot add-in to import data from various sources and create a dynamic report.


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