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Beginners Inroduction Classes Overview

Intro to Personal Computers: Regardless of your field of study and how long you’ve been working, today you need computer skills to assist your job and get you ahead in the world of business. If you are new to the computer world we recommend you take these basic classes before embarking on the more challenging courses. These Introduction courses to Personal Computers will be necessary for anyone new to the computer world. The importance of taking these courses can’t be stressed enough. If you want to get the most out of the software applications you learn, you’ll need a thorough understanding of Microsoft basics first. Even if you’re self-taught, these classes are important.

The links below will take you to our Microsoft beginners course pages that have course objectives, upcoming dates, topics to be covered and the ability to register online:

 IN Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 Introduction 8 $229.00
 NA Microsoft Windows 7 Level 1 8 $229.00
 NB Microsoft Windows 7 Level 2 8 $229.00

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