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Excel VBA & Macros Level II
Excel VBA & Macros Level II

Price: $345.00

Course Code: VN | Hours: 7

Microsoft Excel VBA Course - Advanced

Our Advanced Excel VBA Training will teach you to automate tasks, and streamline workflow, using Macros. Excel VBA Macros Level 2 is our advanced class, which assumes a familiarity with the basic Macro concepts, introduced in our Level 1 Excel VBA Class. An understanding of the skills taught in VBA Excel Classes will empower the user to utilize all of the tools taught, in our Excel courses, in the most efficient and powerful manner.

What You'll Learn in this Class:

  • navigate a workbook using offsets, range names, and variables
  • analyze data using looping structures, in combination with if and case statements
  • create user interface structures to capture multiple variable inputs
  • control the lifetime and scope of variables
  • create automated event processes
  • create automation to handle unforeseen errors and events


Students are recommended to take the following courses or possess equivalent knowledge:

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Advanced VBA Training Outline

Lesson 1: Navigating a Worksheet with VBA

• Topic 1A: Hard Coding Ranges
• Topic 1B: Offset Statement (Recording with Relative Reference)
• Topic 1C: Using Names Ranges as Bookmarks

Lesson 2: Analyzing Data with Looping Structures and Decision Making Code

• Topic 2A: Do While/Until Loop
• Topic 2B: For Each Next Loop
• Topic 2C: Nested Loops
• Topic 2D: If Statement versus IIF Function
• Topic 2E: Nested If Statement
• Topic 2F: And & Or Statements
• Topic 2G: Case Statement

Lesson 3: Using Variables

• Topic 3A: The Option Explicit Statement
• Topic 3B: Declaring Variables and Data Types
• Topic 3C: Defining Variables
• Topic 3D: Input Boxes
• Topic 3E: Understanding Scope and Lifetime of Variables

Lesson 4: Using a User Form to Capture Variable Inputs

• Topic 4A: Toolbox
• Topic 4B: Option Groups
• Topic 4C: Text Boxes and Labels
• Topic 4D: Combo Boxes
• Topic 4E: Command Buttons
• Topic 4F: CBF (Code Begind the Form)

Lesson 5: Error Trapping

• Topic 5A: Handling Errors versus Debugging
• Topic 5B: Error Properties
• Topic 5C: On Error Statement
• Topic 5D: Go To Statement
• Topic 5E: Line Names
• Topic 5F: Exit Sub Statement
• Topic 5G: Message Box Button Values
• Topic 5H: Capturing a Response

Lesson 6: Finishing Touches

• Topic 5A: Controlling Application Settings
• Topic 5B: Streamlining Code
• Topic 5C: Commenting Code as Documentation
• Topic 5D: Set Up and Auto Launch Event
• Topic 5E: Security (Password Protect Code Modules)