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Microsoft Excel VBA 2010 Level 2
Microsoft Excel VBA 2010 Level 2

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Course Code: VN | Hours: 8

Microsoft Excel VBA Training Class Outline - Level 2

Students will build on the basic macro building skills acquired in Microsoft Excel VBA Training 2010 Level 1 to achieve a more advanced understanding and expertise in using macros in Excel.

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • navigate a workbook using offsets, range names, and variables
  • analyze data using looping structures, in combination with if and case statements
  • create user interface structures to capture multiple variable inputs
  • control the lifetime and scope of variables
  • create automated event processes
  • create automation to handle unforeseen errors and events


Students are recommended to take the following courses or possess equivalent knowledge:

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Microsoft Excel VBA Training Outline - VBA Level 2

Lesson 1: Navigating a Worksheet with VBA

        • Topic 1A: Hard Coding Ranges
        • Topic 1B: Offset Statement (Recording with Relative Reference)
        • Topic 1C: Using Names Ranges as Bookmarks

Lesson 2: Analyzing Data with Looping Structures and Decision Making Code

        • Topic 2A: Do While/Until Loop
        • Topic 2B: For Each Next Loop
        • Topic 2C: Nested Loops
        • Topic 2D: If Statement versus IIF Function
        • Topic 2E: Nested If Statement
        • Topic 2F: And & Or Statements
        • Topic 2G: Case Statement

Lesson 3: Using Variables

        • Topic 3A: The Option Explicit Statement
        • Topic 3B: Declaring Variables and Data Types
        • Topic 3C: Defining Variables
        • Topic 3D: Input Boxes
        • Topic 3E: Understanding Scope and Lifetime of Variables

Lesson 4: Using a User Form to Capture Variable Inputs

        • Topic 4A: Toolbox
        • Topic 4B: Option Groups
        • Topic 4C: Text Boxes and Labels
        • Topic 4D: Combo Boxes
        • Topic 4E: Command Buttons
        • Topic 4F: CBF (Code Begind the Form)

Lesson 5: Error Trapping

        • Topic 5A: Handling Errors versus Debugging
        • Topic 5B: Error Properties
        • Topic 5C: On Error Statement
        • Topic 5D: Go To Statement
        • Topic 5E: Line Names
        • Topic 5F: Exit Sub Statement
        • Topic 5G: Message Box Button Values
        • Topic 5H: Capturing a Response

Lesson 6: Finishing Touches

        • Topic 5A: Controlling Application Settings
        • Topic 5B: Streamlining Code
        • Topic 5C: Commenting Code as Documentation
        • Topic 5D: Set Up and Auto Launch Event
        • Topic 5E: Security (Password Protect Code Modules)