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SQL: Level 3
SQL: Level 3

Price: $425.00

Course Code: SE | Hours: 8

SQL: Level 3 Training Overview

SQL is a powerful and popular database program that is widely used for data analysis and manipulation. The Career Center provides hands-on Instructor-led training in small class sizes to provide an ideal training experience. When you arrive at The Career Center you are given a Course Manual, that is yours to keep, and then shown to your seat with a computer that is fully equipped with SQL. The instructor computer is attached to an overhead projector so you can easily follow their instructions. The class is taught in a very hands-on way, with the instructor teaching a concept and then the class doing exercises to enforce it. The maximum class size is 10 so you don't have to worry about getting lost in the crowd.

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Utilize 'Case When Then' statements and create and use variables
  • Format and/or convert numeric data
  • Extract, replace and concatenate text data
  • Use Stored Procedures for the creation of parameterized queries and automation of workflow processes
  • Create local and global Temporary Tables


Students are recommended to take the following course or possess equivalent knowledge:

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SQL Training Outline - Level 3

Lesson 1: Letting a Query Make a Decision

• Topic 1A: Simple 'Case When Then'
• Topic 1B: Create Variables
• Topic 1C: Create a Custom Function

Lesson 2: Convert and Format Output

• Topic 2A: Str Function
• Topic 2B: Cast Function
• Topic 2C: Convert Function
• Topic 2D: Parsename Function
• Topic 2E: Replace Function

Lesson 3: Text Functions

• Topic 3A: Left, Right and Len Functions
• Topic 3B: Rtrim, Ltrim and Substring Functions
• Topic 3C: Upper and Lower Functions
• Topic 3D: Patindex and Replicate Functions
• Topic 3E: Reverse Function

Lesson 4: Stored Procedures

• Topic 4A: Create, Execute, Alter and Drop Stored Procedures
• Topic 4B: Create a Simple Parameter
• Topic 4C: Use a Wild Card with a Parameter

Lesson 5: Temporary Tables

• Topic 5A: Local Temp Tables
• Topic 5B: Global Temp Tables

Lesson 6: Automating Processes

• Topic 6A: Create a Simple Temp Table Process
• Topic 6B: Create an Archive Process
• Topic 6C: Create a Synonym