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PHP: An Introduction
PHP: An Introduction

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Course Code: HP | Hours: 8

PHP: An Introduction Training Overview

You have created static web pages using HTML. You now desire to use the features of PHP for creating dynamic websites. In this course, you will acquaint yourself with PHP by working with its common script elements, use the PHP script elements to create forms, address the stateless nature of HTTP by setting cookies and session variables in your scripts, and write the data entered in a form to a database.

What You'll Learn in this Class:

  • familiarize yourself with PHP
  • work with common PHP script elements
  • work with forms
  • address the stateless nature of HTTP
  • access and manipulate data with PHP


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PHP Introduction Training Outline

Lesson 1: Getting Acquainted with PHP

• Topic 1A: Understand PHP
• Topic 1B: Use the Basic Syntax of PHP
• Topic 1C: Use HTML and PHP
• Topic 1D: Add Comments

Lesson 2: Working with Common PHP Script Elements

• Topic 2A: Use Variables and Constants
• Topic 2B: Work with Control Structure Statements
• Topic 2C: Work with Arrays
• Topic 2D: Use Functions
• Topic 2E: Implement Object-Oriented Programming
• Topic 2F: Include Content from Files

Lesson 3: Working with Forms

• Topic 3A: Create Forms
• Topic 3B: Validate a Form
• Topic 3C: Email Data

Lesson 4: Addressing the Stateless Nature of HTTP

• Topic 4A: Set Cookies and Session Variables
• Topic 4B: Write Scripts Using Hidden Form Fields

Lesson 5: Accessing and Manipulating Data with PHP

• Topic 5A: Interact with Databases
• Topic 5B: Modify Database Records Using PHP
• Topic 5C: Access Files and Directories