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Visio Professional Level 2 2010
Visio Professional Level 2 2010

Course Code: GY | Hours: 8

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Microsoft Visio Training Level 2 2010 Overview

Microsoft Office Visio Professional 2010: Level 2 is the second course in the Microsoft Visio 2010 series. In Microsoft Office Visio Professional 2010: Level 1, you used the various templates to design and manage workflows and flowcharts.

This course will build upon the knowledge gained, and enable you to work with many advanced features, including using the drawing tools, creating and working with custom stencils and templates, and sharing your Visio drawings with other applications. This course is designed for individuals who have an understanding of the basic workflow and the concept of end-to-end flowcharting.

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • create a custom shape
  • design a custom stencil
  • design styles and templates
  • design a floor plan
  • represent external data in Visio
  • share your drawings


Students are recommended to take the following course or possess equivalent knowledge:

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Microsoft Visio Training Outline - Level 2

Lesson 1: Creating a Custom Shape

• Topic 1A: Draw Basic Shapes
• Topic 1B: Enhance Basic Shapes

Lesson 2: Designing a Custom Stencil

• Topic 2A: Create a Custom Stencil
• Topic 2B: Customize a Stencil Master

Lesson 3: Designing Styles and Templates

• Topic 3A: Define a New Style
• Topic 3B: Create a Template

Lesson 4: Designing a Floor Plan

• Topic 4A: Create an Office Layout
• Topic 4B: Work with Layers

Lesson 5: Representing External Data in Visio

• Topic 5A: Generate a PivotDiagram
• Topic 5B: Create an Organization Chart from External Data
• Topic 5C: Import Project Plan Data into Visio
• Topic 5D: Link to a Database
• Topic 5E: Import Excel Data

Lesson 6: Sharing Your Work

• Topic 6A: Link a Visio Drawing to Other Applications
• Topic 6B: Convert a Visio Drawing to a Web Page
• Topic 6C: Print a Visio Drawing